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Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 lists released for 2021

March 17, 2021 - General News

The Dirty Dozen is a list of fruit and vegetable varieties on which EWG experts detected the highest pesticide levels — even after being washed. Therefore, the EWG recommends U.S. shoppers buy organic versions of these items whenever possible.

But why is it important to avoid conventional-grown fruits and veggies that are on the Dirty Dozen? “Pesticide exposures have been linked to a wide variety of different health harms — cancer, hormone disruption, and harm to the developing brain and nervous system for children,” Thomas Galligan explains to Green Matters over the phone, ahead of the EWG publicly announcing this year’s guide.

Here are the 2021 Dirty Dozen:

  1. Strawberries

  2. Spinach

  3. Kale/Collard/Mustard greens

  4. Nectarines

  5. Apples

  6. Grapes

  7. Cherries

  8. Peaches

  9. Pears

  10. Bell and hot peppers

  11. Celery

  12. Tomatoes

The Clean Fifteen is a list of fruits and vegetables that contain the lowest concentration of pesticides in the U.S., even when they are grown with pesticides (aka conventionally). The EWG finds the produce on the Clean Fifteen to be the 15 safest fruits and veggies to purchase conventionally, since pesticide residue is least likely to remain by the time you wash and eat them.

Here are the items on the Clean 15:

  1. Avocados

  2. Sweet Corn

  3. Pineapples

  4. Onions

  5. Papayas

  6. Frozen sweet peas

  7. Eggplant

  8. Asparagus

  9. Broccoli

  10. Cabbage

  11. Kiwifruit

  12. Cauliflower

  13. Mushrooms

  14. Honeydew

  15. Cantaloupe

Tips when looking at the barcode to help you make shopping decisions.

  • Organic produce has a five-digit code beginning with “9.”

  • Conventionally grown produce has a four-digit code.

  • GMO produce begins with “8.”

Our goal is to provide the best care possible to elevate your quality of health and quality of life through natural and organic care! We want to empower and teach our patients to participate and take control of their health with positive daily action steps; sleep, posture, nutrition, exercise and movement, and stress management with specific chiropractic care.

Health is Wealth!

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