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Stop Being a Banana!

Stop Being a Banana!

In our society today, it is very obvious that our posture is challenged on a daily basis; cell phones, computers, slouching at our desk or while watching TV.

This posture is terrible for our overall health and adds to the stress/tension that can accumulate through the spine and nervous system creating dysfunction. This additional stress and tension can create pain, discomfort, loss of range of motion, stiffness, and overall inflammation that creates symptoms in our health.

The average head weighs between 10-15 pounds based upon size and frame. For every 1 inch that our head/posture shifts forward, it creates an additional 10 pounds of weight that is required from the joints, muscles, and nerves just to support our posture. Imagine having terrible posture everyday and the wear and tear that it can negatively have in the way your body feels, functions, and looks. (see image above)

If you complain of neck, shoulder, mid back, or low back pain or notice your posture needs some improvements; here is a list of great things to work on to improve your posture and stop being a Banana!

  1. Phone to face

  2. Set your workstation up with your monitor/computer at eye level

  3. Every 1 hour take a posture break and move around

  4. Shoulder blade squeezes (see picture below)

  5. Doorway stretch (see picture below)

  6. Go for a 15 minute walk to break up the day while sitting at your desk

  7. Stretch for 5-10 minutes

  8. Get Adjusted by your Chiropractor to correct misalignments and remove stress

Our posture is a reflection in regards to how we use our body on a daily basis (sleep, work, play, move, etc.). The more balanced and strong posture we can create for our health, the more advantageous our body can adapt to stress and tension. I challenge you to work on the list above and be mindful as you move through the day to stop being a Banana, and watch your quality of health improve!

Health is wealth, so invest daily!

Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition/Hydration, Positive Mindset, Community and Love, Vitamin D and fresh air, recovery practices (Chiropractic care for a healthy spine and nervous system, massage, acupuncture, yoga, stretching, meditation, ice/heat).

We do have massage availability every day we are open.

We do have acupuncture availability every week as well.

Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

11-2 and 3-7





My goal is to provide the best chiropractic care possible to each patient that steps into the office optimizing natural health while also providing health education to practice at home as well.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any additional questions, please text

Dr. Jordan at 208-283-5760 or call the office at 949-932-0624.

Johnson Chiropractic

4030 Birch St. 102

Newport Beach, CA 92660


@dr.jordanjohnson on Instagram for health tips

Thank you, Dr. Jordan Johnson, DC

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