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  • Jordan Johnson

Healing from Within!

I wanted to share how the chiropractic adjustment creates an environment allowing the body to self heal and self regulate. The most simple answer: Improve joint function and alignment to decrease inflammation on the joints, nerves, and muscles! First off: the joints crave motion, movement, and alignment. When we create this healthy environment with the chiropractic adjustment, this allows the joint complex (joints, discs, nerves, muscles) to function properly and in turn allows inflammation to decrease and be minimized. With a healthy functioning joint complex, the environment created allows the body the ability to begin to self regulate and self heal. Second: Everything in the body is connected and operates through our nervous system (Brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves) and is protected by our spine. So if the environment of the spine and joint complex is restricted, stuck, and not moving well (due to poor posture, stress, trauma, lack of movement) then dysfunction and inflammation begins to occur. Once inflammation and joint dysfunction starts to build it can create and lead to stiffness or pain, nerve pain leading to symptoms/warning signals in our health, and muscle spams/tightness; or in a simple word CHAOS! The importance of the Chiropractic Adjustment and ultimate goal is to restore joint function (good motion, movement, and alignment) with the intention and purpose to drive down inflammation. The more we can manage inflammation and create an environment with good function and alignment, we are creating the opportunity to allow better healing potential through the nervous system, resulting in feeling much better. Health is wealth, so invest daily! Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition/Hydration, Positive Mindset, Community and Love, Vitamin D and fresh air, recovery practices (Chiropractic care for a healthy spine and nervous system, massage, acupuncture, yoga, stretching, meditation, ice/heat).

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